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Biographical information

Early Life

I was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 1960 and grew up in a historical village close by. The sphere and the values of my upbringing were – as often happens – influenced by the thinking and actions of my parents. In reaction to the Second World War they were driven in their commitment to the community and for a more democratic society. They were proud that they could travel with us, their children, to the neighbouring countries. It is there that I made the first steps in learning the French and English languages.

In these surroundings my choice of profession slowly ripened. In my work I want to contribute to the shaping and development of people, and to the atmosphere of meeting and support. For further information you can click to the page about therapies.

Work and Study

After the final examinations of the gymnasium (secondary school), I studied social pedagogy and social work at Hochschule Bremen. Soon afterwards in 1984 I moved to Amsterdam, where I was drawn by the tolerant climate of the city, as well as the adventure of a stay abroad, and the possibilities for work and further study.

I got to know Amsterdam as I gave guidance to run-away youths and then to Amsterdam’s old age pensioners. In this way I was a regular visitor in many Jordanese living rooms, which for me as a post-war German was an intimate acquaintance with the soul of the Amsterdam people and of the Dutch language and culture.

I studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam and then followed a three year training `Unitive Body-Psychotherapy´. In addition to the theoretical studies I devoted much attention to my personal growth and to the development of my style of feeling and acting; and also in this way I became a therapist.

As Professional

From 1993 I worked for eight years for the Schorer Foundation (the centre of competence for homosexuality in Amsterdam). There I helped to further develop Gay Affirmative Psychology and I received my registration as sexologist. I became a healthcare psychologist (registration number BIG 29052114325), and I completed the training for psychoanalytical therapist and group therapist which is recognised by the Dutch Ministry of Public Health (VWS; BIG nr. 49052114316).
I am a member of the Association of Unitive Psychology and recognised supervisor and training therapist; member of the Dutch Society of Sexology and the Dutch Association of Group Psychotherapy.
In addition to my private practice, I lead two therapy groups for adolescents at the department for young people of a community counselling centre (RIAGG Beverwijk afdeling jeugd), and I give lessons for different educational institutes.
I have gained experience in therapeutic work both with individuals, couples, and families. The varied composition of my clientele has inspired me to work in other languages besides Dutch.

My experiences in counselling political refugees and men from Islamic cultures have been the basis for several articles that I have written. More information about this can be found on the page living-history articles, and information about becoming a client on the page practical information.