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Psychotherapy and Sexology –

Short-term and symptom-oriented or an in-depth personal proces.

Individual, relationship therapy, group therapy, family representations


Therapy for acute breakdown or chronic problems

In my practice living-history I work with two groups of clients. Some of them have had an acute breakdown because of their work stress, divorce, a loss, illness or another traumatic event. Others make an appointment when they realise that they encounter the same difficulties time and time again, for example in conflicts at home or at work, suppressing their tensions, sexual disinterest, repeated broken relationships, a series of moves, depression…..
You are welcome in my practice – alone, with your partner, your child, or other loved ones – to work on a solution of what is bothering you.
The sessions can be conducted in your choice of Dutch, German, French, Spanish or English. From 2014 on, Dutch health insurance companies will cover therapy for ‘psychological disturbances’ but they won’t cover therapy for ‘psychological problems and/or complaints’.

Examining your problem by dialogue

During the first appointment I invite you to tell me the details of the things that are bothering you. Under my guidance you will examine the problems on three different levels: What do your actions mean? What is your way of thinking? How do you feel?
Based on this talk, a plan of attack is formulated, and then we see if we can agree on a kind of therapy and the number of sessions necessary.

Contextualizing feeling, thinking and doing

In therapy you reduce your suffering by placing your personal history in the context of its time and surroundings.You investigate the conscious and unconscious sides of your doing, feeling and thinking. In doing this you increase your potential for action; through new insights you create room for personal change.
My method of working is based on Rogerian client-centered therapy, psychoanalysis, gestalt therapy, bodydirected psychotherapy, directive and system therapy, gay affirmative therapy and insights from group therapy. The best of each approach, put together according to your needs and situation. In order to get to know more about me, you can make an appointment, or click to the next page with biographical information.


Therapy-group for women and men ‘Identity, sexuality and body awareness’

This therapy group (in Dutch language) invites male and female with a broad range of personal problems and complaints. The title of the group offers a focus for self-exploration and personal growth, in order to diminish your problems and complaints. Who are you? How well do you feel in your body? Hoe do you cope with everyday contacts and initmate relationships?

Group therapy has an extra healing effect because everybody’s proces of change is contained and supported by the whole group. We are working with body-oriented exercises, by analyzing interpersonal contacts in the group and with individual therapeutic work within the group on solutions of personal problems and on personal growth. Groepstherapie heeft een extra helende werking, omdat iedere deelnemer tijdens zijn of haar veranderingsproces gedragen wordt door de kracht van de hele therapiegroep. Meetings in the evening: Group sessions take place on three monday nights each month from 6.45 to 8.45 p.m., and a double session on saturday every other month.