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Web construction

Aan de bouw van deze website werkten mee: Sue Cowell (logo design), Rudolf Steinberger (teksten), Luise Steinberger, Wessel van der Heijden (redactioneel advies), Marvin Kolk (website design); Chris Hebling (website construction), Sachiko Kozuki, Ingeborg Vandamme (website construction en beheer), Andrea Candia (traducciónes españoles), Ahmed Derbane (traductions francaises), Ries Fess (English translations)


Website beheer

Sachiko Kozuki en Ingeborg Vandamme


Learning Dutch language” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>

Uit de website: “We believe that learning to communicate in a different language involves more than just memorising new words and grammar rules. Articulation, pronunciation, listening and “just” copying are the key concepts. It is an experiential process using the physical elements of sound, intonation, articulation and rhythm within a cultural setting.”